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Contaminated Sites

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Contaminated Sites

Ecosens protects you from unpleasant surprises arising from contaminated sites

Contaminated soil, groundwater or structural assets can reduce the value of a property significantly.  

As the owner or buyer of an affected site, you thus need to know what needs to be done – and how much it will cost! After all, it is the building owner who is required to ensure the specified separation and removal of contaminated material. Depending on the nature of the problem, we offer the following services:

  • Historical site investigation and identification of the suspected contaminated areas of soil and structural assets
  • Planning and conducting of the necessary technical investigations (sampling) in collaboration with specialised drilling companies and laboratories
  • Assessment of environmental hazards and evaluation of appropriate measures. Appraisal of the costs incurred by a contamination
  • Planning and conducting of remediations, site management of contaminates sites
  • Legal consulting services in complex liability claims and contract drafting
  • Clarification of who is responsible for carrying the costs through the private and through the public sector
  • Communication and mediation between the individual actors (owners, authorities, creditors)
  • Advice and clarification in connection with entries in the «Cadaster of contaminated sites»

In addition, the Ecosens team supports you in questions related to contamination in the topsoil or questions related to the subsoil.
Ecosens is a member of the contaminated land consultants professional group of the removal, renaturation and recycling association (ARV) Switzerland.
Ecosens offers you comprehensive contaminated site consulting. Our strengths are our expert employees in the required fields, an entrepreneurial approach, knowledge of the public sector processes, and the ability to develop creative solutions.